International travel requirements

International travel has changed. There are extra steps to take before you fly to your destination and before your return journey. You can get prepared and find the updated requirements for your trip here.
Last updated 5 August 2022, 1:46pm

1. Check requirements

Each airline and destination may have different requirements and it is your responsibility to understand what you need to do for your entire trip, including connecting flights, transit points and your return journey. Failure to meet these requirements may result in denied boarding at the airport.  

Travel restrictions and health requirements can change at a moment's notice so make sure you keep informed and check regularly – especially the week before travel.

  • Check if you need to apply for any entry visas and that your passport is valid
  • Destinations may have different definitions of what 'fully vaccinated' means, so double-check you know exactly what is required
  • Check COVID-19 testing requirements and remember that you may need to provide proof of a negative test result to travel, even if you've been vaccinated
  • Remember to check the travel requirements for each person you are booking to fly
  • Check isolation requirements and make any arrangements for isolation or somewhere to stay if your plans change

International travel requirements FAQs

Research current requirements for your trip

This tool may help you understand current health requirements for your travel journey. These can change at short notice and we recommend checking regularly before you fly.

Visa and passport requirements can be found via the IATA Travel Centre.

Where are you flying to? 

We've put together these guides to help you understand the health and travel requirements for Air New Zealand's most popular destinations.

Air New Zealand's international vaccination policy

Although Air New Zealand no longer requires passengers to be vaccinated to fly with us on international flights, some international destinations may require proof of vaccination before departure or upon arrival. 

Before you travel, please check that you meet the government entry and health requirements of your transit points and destinations.

2. Complete requirements

  • Apply for official international proof of vaccination if required by your destination or transit point. Please note that the New Zealand My Vaccine Pass is not internationally recognised and is no longer required for domestic travel within New Zealand. If your vaccine was administered in New Zealand, you can request a free International Travel Vaccination Certificate which complies with EU Digital COVID Certificate standards. 
  • Arrange any pre-departure testing you may need before you fly. International destinations may require supervised testing within a certain timeframe before your flight. Testing facilities may be booked out, or be by appointment only, so be sure to check what is required and book in for the test.  
  • Complete the correct border declaration forms for your travel.

3. Prepare for travel

  • Securely add your passport and contact details to your booking.
  • Protect yourself from unexpected medical costs by purchasing travel insurance with COVID-19 cover.
  • Air New Zealand's face mask policy requires that all passengers 12 years of age and older (unless exempt) must wear a suitable mask before reaching the boarding gate and on our flights. We recommend packing a few masks for each person travelling - especially for long-haul flights.
  • We strongly recommend that you print and keep all your travel and health documentation with you throughout your journey.
  • Check if your travel plans with Air New Zealand are impacted by major events on our travel alerts page.
  • International check-in may take longer than you expect. Plan to arrive early at the airport to complete pre-departure checks and reach your gate on time.
  • If you're a New Zealand citizen, register your international travel plans with SafeTravel. This free service from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade will notify you of any changes to the New Zealand border, or contact you if there is a crisis that impacts your travel. You can also check their international travel advice. 
  • Be aware that you may need to comply with testing and tracing requirements upon arrival in your destination. You may need to download a destination-specific app or complete other testing requirements before travelling further.  

Face masks

All Air New Zealand passengers 12 years of age and older (unless exempt) are required to wear a face mask before reaching the boarding gate and on our flights. This is regardless of rules in place by other governments. You're welcome to wear your own face mask provided it meets current health guidelines. We also have masks available. 

An applicable face covering for Air New Zealand is considered a mask which is attached to the head by loops around the ears and/or head. Scarves, bandannas or t-shirts are not acceptable.

We currently allow the following types of face mask:

  • cloth masks
  • surgical face masks
  • N95/P2 respirator masks
  • clear plastic face shields, must be used with a face covering

Failure to comply with this requirement may lead to denied boarding

International travel requirements FAQs

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