How to use your credit

Ready to book travel with Air New Zealand using credit?

Important information

The current version of the online credit tool:

  • Can be used for most credits held in NZD and AUD.
  • Can use a single credit to purchase new flights.

Note - If your credit was altered by our contact centre in some way, the original booking reference will not work in the online tool. Please use the new reference that was issued to you.

The online credit tool will not work for some credits.

Affected credits include:

  • Credits from bookings which were altered after purchase (e.g. the date was changed, the class was upgraded, a bag was added).
  • Credits from bookings where one or more of the flights were flown.
  • Credits from bookings purchased through our international storefronts or in a different currency.

We are working to make this tool available to everyone. Future versions of the tool will be released as soon as possible to add new capabilities.

If you booked with a travel agent or third party, you'll need to contact them about your credit.

Group bookings

If your credit is for a group booking, please contact our specialised team of Group Co-ordinators to use your credit towards a future group booking.

How do I combine multiple credits to make a new booking?

The tool doesn't recognise my credits - how can I use my credits?

Do I need to spend my credit all at once?

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