Group travel

Organising a big trip for your school, sports team, or extended family? If you have 10 or more people, contact our Group Travel Co-ordinators.

Take the hard work out of group bookings

Our Group Travel Co-ordinators make it easy to book your big trip.

  • You can reserve the number of seats you need, and finalise your group members later
  • You can add members to your group, if there are seats available
  • You can switch out members as late as 48 hours before your flight

We make payment easy too

Organising a big travel group is hard enough. So we make it easy and flexible for you to arrange payment.

  • We give you a full itinerary of your flights and costs. You can then secure your booking for up to 11 months in advance with a deposit. We'll give you a due date for the balance.
  • You can pay by credit card or via internet banking

How to contact the Group team?

Contact us to book a group via our request form: Book a group

Contact us via email:

If you have an existing group booking, you'll be able to find our contact number on the booking confirmation email sent to the supplied email address when the booking was made.

 See operating hours

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