International travel options

Here's how we are adapting to the changing COVID-19 situation and the changes in international travel.
Last updated 25 November 2020 at 3.50PM NZT

Travel requirements update

New Zealand Managed Isolation and Quarantine

All passengers arriving into New Zealand must register their managed isolation accommodation requirements to be permitted to board their flight. A Managed Isolation Allocation System Voucher will need to be presented at check-in. Accommodation can only be booked a maximum of 3 months in advance. We highly recommend checking managed isolation availability before booking your ticket and registering as soon as possible. For more information visit the MIQ Government site.

Travel to Los Angeles

All passengers arriving at LAX International Airport:

  • from another state or country
  • and who are over the age of 16
  • and arrive on or after 25 November 2020,

will be required to complete an Online Form requesting contact information and acknowledging they have read and understood the State of California's travel advisory.

The online form requirement is applicable to passengers with Los Angeles as their final destination. Failure to comply could result in a fine of up to $500 USD. The form is not a requirement for those transiting Los Angeles to another state or country.

The State of California's travel advisory also recommends that 'all persons traveling for non-essential travel arriving into California from other states or countries, including returning Californian residents, should practice self-quarantine for 14 days after arrival'. 

Visit the California Department of Public Health site for COVID-19 updates.

Travel to China

Travel to Hong Kong

One-way Safe Travel Zone from New Zealand to Australia

One-way safe travel is available outbound from New Zealand to eligible Safe Travel Zones in Australia without the requirement of quarantine on arrival.

In order to continue to carry our passengers safely and identify passengers with travel not originating in New Zealand, we have introduced what's known as 'quarantine-free' flights.

'Quarantine-free' flights - will be for passengers with travel originating in New Zealand who are flying from New Zealand to Australia Safe Travel Zone states and are not required to quarantine on arrival. You do not need to be a New Zealand citizen to travel to Australia 'quarantine-free', but you will need to have a valid visa to enter Australia. If you do not meet the 'quarantine-free' flight criteria then you will need to undertake the required managed-isolation process on arrival set by the Australian Government.

To be eligible for 'quarantine-free' entry into Australia you must also:

  • have been in New Zealand for 14 days or more and not been in a designated hotspot, and
  • are traveling to Australia on a 'Quarantine-free' flight.

If you plan to book a 'quarantine-free' flight you must also complete an Australia Travel Declaration webform online. This should be completed at least 72 hours before departure. You will be asked to present your declaration before boarding your flight and on arrival in Australia.

Information you'll need for your Australia Travel Declaration include:

  • Passport details
  • Trip information
  • Destination details
  • Contact Details

Full information is available at the Australian Government Department of Home Affairs site.

Passengers planning to travel interstate will need to ensure they have checked state and territory travel restrictions and have the appropriate exemptions/approvals to travel as these continue to change.

Passengers disembarking in Melbourne are required to wear a face covering and are also asked to observe physical distancing during both the boarding and disembarking process. Passengers are welcome to wear their own face covering and Air New Zealand will also have masks available for customers.

The Safe Travel Zone is only a one-way arrangement and those returning to New Zealand will still need to quarantine for 14 days upon return, provide payment for quarantine, and must register their managed isolation accommodation requirements via the New Zealand Government's Managed Isolation and Quarantine website.

Safe Travel Zone Services


Available Interstate Connections

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Safe Travel Zone Services


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International flight schedules

Air New Zealand is extending the timeframe for its reduced network, with its minimal international operations to continue through to 27 March 2021, with a few exceptions which extend beyond this date. All services are subject to change as governments change travel and border restrictions.

See our latest international travel schedules .

You can also search for flight schedules via origin, destination and date on our flight schedules page

What you need to know

Changes to inflight services

More than ever, we're focussed on the health and safety of our people and passengers. We're therefore making temporary changes to our service offering on board.

These changes have been made to keep our crew and customers safe and provide a simplified plan for our catering partners, who are also working with reduced resources.

We will continue to provide special meals. Please request them when you book, as normal.

  • When you fly businesspremier™ we will serve a simplified version of our menu that is delivered on a single service tray. This reduces movement and contact in the cabin, but you will still be enjoying businesspremier quality dining
  • We have paused parts of our service which increase interactions between crew and customers, such as the offering of a hot towel or pre-take off drinks from a tray in the cabin

Physical distancing between customers

We are working to support government guidance around physical distancing by allocating seating to allow additional space around customers where possible. We recognise there will be a need to keep families and some travelling companions together and will continue to support this wherever possible. We also ask that customers follow crew instructions when onboard our aircraft.

Children travelling alone

With global travel restrictions still in place we are unfortunately still unable to accept unaccompanied minors for international travel.

Travel requirements resources

Before making your booking, please check the latest travel restrictions of your local and destination country for the most up to date entry requirements and government advice. We have listed some of our recommended official health and travel sites to look into first. Please be aware these do not cover all situations and we strongly advise you to undertake independent country-specific exit, entry, and transit requirement research before making a booking with us.

New Zealand Travel Resources

Global Travel Resources

Manage your booking

To give you more flexibility, we are extending credit opt-in if you are flying before Wednesday 31 March 2021 and no longer wish to travel.

You can also change the date or destination without paying any change fees or service fees online or by calling our Contact Centre. Please keep in mind that any fare difference may still apply and the changes need to be made prior to the departure date, otherwise normal fare rules will apply.

If you booked through a travel agent, please ask them to manage your changes.

To opt-in or manage your booking online, please enter your booking details below.

Physical distancing and wellbeing

What are you doing to continue to support social distancing and hygiene practices?

What do I need to do to keep myself safe when I'm travelling?

Will I need to wear a mask in airports or on board your aircraft?

What else do I need to know before travel?

Why has my seat request been changed?

International flight services

Once the pandemic is over will you fly to Buenos Aires again?

Why can't you continue to fly between Los Angeles and London until your planned exit date in October?

What will happen to my booking for Buenos Aires/New York/Los Angeles-London?

Can a passenger connect to a New Zealand domestic flight on arrival?

I'm a visitor to New Zealand. Do I need to return home?

I need to get to my home country and you've suspended your services there, how can you help me?

What if I want to travel but postpone to a later date?

Other international travel information

Can my children travel as unaccompanied minors?

My children were booked to travel internationally as unaccompanied minors, what will happen with their tickets?

Can I travel with my pet?

Will all your Lounges be open?

Will Valet parking be available?

Can passengers transit New Zealand or Australia to get home?