Airpoints™ Flexipay

Use a mix of Airpoints Dollars™ and cash for your next flight.

Not enough Airpoints Dollars to book your next flight? Not a problem. Airpoints™ Flexipay lets you pay for flights with a mix of Airpoints Dollars and cash. You'll just need 20% of the airfare in Airpoints Dollars, making it that much easier to take off sooner.

How Airpoints Flexipay works

1. Who can use Airpoints Flexipay?

Airpoints Flexipay is available to all New Zealand and Australia-based Airpoints members who meet the eligibility criteria. For more information, please refer to the Airpoints Flexipay terms and conditions.

2. Where can I use Airpoints Flexipay?

You can make an Airpoints Flexipay booking through the Air New Zealand website, grabaseat™ website or the Air New Zealand contact centre. When making your booking online, sign in to your Air New Zealand account and proceed through the booking flow as normal. The Airpoints Flexipay payment method will be shown on the 'Review and Pay' page when 'Use Airpoints Dollars' is selected.

3. When it's time to pay

When you come to pay online, Airpoints Flexipay online payment method will show on the 'Review and Pay' page when you select 'Use Airpoints Dollars'.

4. Why is there a minimum and maximum Airpoints Dollar amount required to use Airpoints Flexipay?

The minimum and maximum Airpoints Dollar requirement forms part of the eligibility criteria and is subject to change. To be able to make an Airpoints Flexipay booking your available Airpoints Dollar balance must be at least 20% of the total cost of the airfare. For example, if the total airfare is NZD $100 (or AUD $100 in Australia), you will need to have at least 20 Airpoints Dollars in your available balance.

There is a maximum of 90% payable in Airpoints Dollars. If you wish to pay with 100% of Airpoints Dollars, please select the 'Airpoints' tab.