Airpoints™ Flexipay

Use a mix of Airpoints Dollars™ and cash for your next flight.

Not enough Airpoints Dollars™ to book your next flight? Not a problem. Airpoints™ Flexipay lets you pay for flights with a mix of Airpoints Dollars and cash. To be able to make an Airpoints Flexipay booking your available Airpoints Dollar balance must be at least 20% of the total cost of the airfare.

For more information, please refer to the Airpoints Flexipay Frequently Asked Questions and the Airpoints Flexipay terms and conditions.

Get there faster

Get there faster

No need to wait until you have enough Airpoints Dollars to go - you can
Carry on earning

Carry on earning

Continue earning Status Points when you fly*, as well as
Choose how many you use

Choose how many you use

You can pay between 20 - 90% of your airfare in Airpoints Dollars. If you want to pay more than 90%, you'll need to

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Airpoints Flexipay terms and conditions