Paying for flights with Airpoints Dollars™

See New Zealand and the world with your Airpoints Dollars™ when you fly with Air New Zealand, the Star Alliance or one of our partner airlines.

Remember - the flight part of your booking needs to be paid in full with Airpoints Dollars. For any associated airport or government costs you can choose to pay for these by credit card, OneSmart card or POLi. If you don’t have quite enough Airpoints Dollars to pay for your flight you might be able to top up with some of our financial products.

Air New Zealand flights

Spend your Airpoints Dollars on any available seat on any Air New Zealand flight. Remember, one Airpoints Dollar is equal to one New Zealand Dollar.

Book online: Simply sign in to your online account with your Airpoints™ details before or while you are booking your flight and select to pay with Airpoints Dollars at the payment stage.

Book by phone: Have your Airpoints number ready when you call our contact centre.

Book via travel agent: Provide your travel agent with your Airpoints number at your time of booking.


Book a flight with Airpoints Dollars™

Star Alliance flights

Your Airpoints Dollars could take you further than you expect with the ability to spend your Airpoints Dollars on a range of reward tickets for flights with from our Star Alliance Partners. Use your Airpoints Dollars to book Star Alliance airline flights by calling our Air New Zealand Contact Centre. A limited number of these reward tickets are available on each flight, so it pays to book early. To check how many Airpoints Dollars you’ll need for your flight, see our partner airline reward chart.

Partner airlines

Take advantage of our airline partnerships and use your Airpoints Dollars on a range of flights from Virgin Australia, Etihad, Cathay Pacific, Jet Airways, and Virgin Atlantic.

Air New Zealand flights operated by Virgin Australia between New Zealand and Australia (including connecting domestic Australia flights) and Cathay Pacific from Auckland to Hong Kong can be booked online or by calling our Air New Zealand Contact Centre. Just ensure the flight number begins with the letters NZ, e.g. NZ4993.

To book a flight number from one of our partner airlines that doesn’t begin with NZ call our Air New Zealand Contact Centre. To check how many Airpoints Dollars you’ll need for your flight, see our partner airline reward chart.

Gifting Airpoints Dollars

You could use your Airpoints Dollars to give the gift of flight to those living in your household. And in some instances you may also be able to extend your gifting to those outside your household. Find out more.

Companion Tickets

As an Airpoints member you could be eligible for access to specially priced Companion Tickets when you purchase a Business Class, Premium Economy, Economy Flexi, Flexi Works or Flexi Works Deluxe ticket. Find out more about how to use your Airpoints Dollars on Companion Tickets.