Travel alert information

If your Air New Zealand flight is cancelled or delayed by more than 20 minutes, or you have been transferred to a different Air New Zealand flight, we’ll let you know via SMS or email with Travel Alerts.

If you made your booking as an Airpoints member or you selected to receive travel alerts when you booked through our website, you will automatically receive either an SMS or email based on your stated communication preference. If you have not already signed up for Travel Alerts, please log onto your booking through the Find a Booking tab on our website and register a day of travel mobile number or email address.

If you are an Airpoints member you can tailor the alerts to suit your needs, simply by logging onto your online Airpoints account and clicking on the Comms Options tab under My Profile. Or you can turn Travel Alerts off if you prefer to use the Air NZ Mobile App for flight updates. Ensure your contact details are correct by checking your personal information today.

The Travel Alerts service is purely to provide the most up-to-date status information about your flight.

You can also use the Air NZ mobile app to see all of your domestic and international flights, view up-to-date details including seat and gate numbers and be notified of any changes to your flight time, changes in gates and flight boarding.

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