Discover Tonga

Fly to Tonga and discover an authentic, relaxed Pacific paradise with historic sites, traditional villages and fascinating natural attractions.

Air New Zealand operates non-stop flights between Auckland and Tonga. Domestic connections are available from Air New Zealand serviced airports. The Auckland to Tonga flight time is just under 3 hours. You can choose the way you fly on all our flights to the Islands.

Unpretentious, friendly and relaxed, Tonga runs at a gentle pace known affectionately as 'Tonga time'. It's something you'll feel from the moment you step off the plane until long after you return home. On the main island, Tongatapu, there's everything you need for an honest, 'Old Pacific' style of holiday. Whether you're relaxing on a private island, spending time with your kids at family friendly accommodation or catching world-class waves with your surfing buddies, at all times your holiday will feel refreshingly real.

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How much will it cost

Tonga is a cost-effective place for a vacation. Accommodation ranges from low-cost backpacker guest houses to hotels and resorts. In the markets and shops, local fruit and vegetables are generally cheaper than at home, while imported goods are more expensive. Eating options range from inexpensive snack bars to a la carte restaurants in Nuku'alofa. The Tongan currency is the pa'anga (TOP, PT or T$).