More space and all sorts of extra benefits.

The extra benefits keep on coming with worksdeluxe. It starts with two priority checked bags (up to 23kg each), premium check-in and priority boarding. Once on board you'll be super comfortable in your self-selected seat, which will have a guaranteed empty seat next to you. Then you can enjoy a full meal, free-of-charge drinks and unlimited access to our gate-to-gate inflight entertainment options.

worksdeluxe* fare is only available on Air New Zealand operated flights.

More about this fare:

  • You'll receive full meal and beverage options, plus premium headphones
  • worksdeluxe is not available on board our Boeing 777 or 787-9 Dreamliner aircraft, however you can enjoy premiumeconomy and businesspremier™ on these aircraft

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* worksdeluxe is only available until 30 April 2024.