Voluntary Emissions Contribution Programme FAQs

You can find out more on Voluntary Contributions from the New Zealand Government. See the Ministry for the Environment's Guidance for voluntary climate change mitigation.

The Voluntary Emissions Contribution Programme

What is a voluntary emissions contribution?

What are carbon credits and how do they work?

How is a carbon credit created?

How are carbon credits transacted?

What is a carbon dioxide equivalent?

Does Air New Zealand use carbon credits for its emissions?

Calculating emissions

How are my emissions calculated?

What is a bespoke emissions factor?

What is Radiative Forcing and why is it included in the calculation?

Contributions to Aotearoa's biodiversity

Is my biodiversity contribution a carbon credit?

Why biodiversity?

How much of my contribution payment goes to Aotearoa biodiversity projects?

What if I just want to purchase carbon credits and not pay for a biodiversity contribution?

Do I receive a tax credit for using the Contribution Programme?

Carbon Credits

What are the projects providing carbon credits to the Contribution Programme?

How can you be sure your carbon credits projects are credible?

How much are the carbon credits in the Contribution Programme?

Who are CHOOOSE?

Does Air New Zealand share my personal information with CHOOOSE when I elect to use the Contribution Programme when booking?

Does Air New Zealand or CHOOOSE make a margin on the carbon credits purchased under the Voluntary Emissions Contribution Programme?

Retirement at registry

How do I know that the carbon credits I purchase under the Contribution Programme are retired?

How and why is a carbon credit retired or cancelled?

Which registry is the Voluntary Emissions Contribution Programme using?

What is Verra's Verified Carbon Standard (VCS)?

When are the Contribution Programme's carbon credits retired?

Relationship of the Contribution Programme with the Emissions Trading Scheme

Is the Contribution Programme part of the New Zealand Emissions Trading Scheme (NZ ETS)?