Experience Texan hospitality in the home of space travel.

As America's fourth largest city, Houston has always been a big deal. In recent years, the metropolitan hub of the South has stepped things up a notch to cater to all sorts of travellers. It's widely regarded as the most restaurant-oriented city in the States, so places to eat are never few or far-between. This reputation also draws in crowds of both up-and-coming and established chefs, keen to make their mark.

As modern as it's become, Houston is a city that's steeped in heritage. The state of Texas has changed hands a number of times in its past and during the American Civil War it featured on both sides. History buffs will find countless war memorials, the most impressive of which is undoubtably the San Jacinto Battle Monument and Museum. Once a part of Mexico, Houston is also a fantastic place to begin a southbound adventure.

As far as entertainment's concerned, there's everything from adventure rides to exploring the famous Houston Space Center, and even some relaxed options for those that prefer taking things a little slower. Hot summers and mild winters make it an ideal place to avoid the cold too.

Get out to the beach or explore some of the many acres of parkland in the city, then duck inside one of many local galleries to cool off and take in the stunning artworks. Ultimately, no matter which aspect of Houston you take a liking to, you can be sure that there's plenty to see and do.