Trans-Tasman and Pacific Islands Premium Economy Smart Saver fares

Booking changes

Permitted prior to departure for a fee.

Booking change fee

AUD $100 per person (infants excluded). Waived if upgrading to Business Premier.

Additional fare difference


Service fees for making booking changes

Payable (unless changing online).

Booking cancellations

No refund permitted.

(Non-refundability/cancellation penalty) waived in case of death of passenger or immediate family member.

Ticket cannot be held in credit unless upgraded to a Flexi fare, then it is permitted to be held in credit.

Note: Full refund of unused tickets in the event of death of the passenger or his/her immediate family member or any person booked to accompany the passenger or the immediate family of any person booked to accompany the passenger. NB immediate family defined by IATA Resolution 012 which states "Immediate Family": spouse, children (including adopted children), parents, brothers, sisters, grandparents, grandchildren, parents-in-law, brothers-in-law, sisters-in-law, sons-in-law, daughters-in-law.

No shows

Results in cancellation of sector.

Name changes

Not permitted.

Airpoints & Status Points

Eligible for Airpoints Dollars unless booked in F class or purchased with Airpoints Dollars.
Eligible for Status Points unless booked with Airpoints Dollars.

Checked bag

Fare includes two checked in bags (excluding infants). Max 23kg each. For baggage information that is specific to your selected journey, please select 'Baggage info' from the flight details section of the booking process, or refer to your electronic ticket.

Carry-on baggage 

2 carry-on bags (up to 7kg each) permitted. 

Meals, drinks and inflight entertainment

Fare includes Premium Economy meals and drinks and inflight entertainment.

Fare Rules

Trans-Tasman and Pacific Islands Smart Saver.