Travelling or returning to the Pacific Islands

Last updated 14 January 2022, 4:14pm

Travelling or returning to the Cook Islands

Quarantine-free travel between New Zealand and the Cook Islands will commence on 13 January 2022. There are some conditions of entry into the Cook Islands, so it's important you understand these before booking travel. 

Due to Government regulations, bookings from New Zealand to the Cook Islands cannot be made within 48 hours of departure. If you need to travel urgently, please call our Contact Centre.

Before your Cook Islands trip


  • To fly quarantine-free, you will need to spend a minimum of 10 days before your departure date in New Zealand
  • All visitors to the Cook Islands will be required to be fully vaccinated or provide a certified medical exemption and meet testing requirements. This means that only those aged over 12 years will qualify until New Zealand begins its vaccination of children in January 2022. 

  • All Cook Island Nationals and Permit Holders (including children) who are not vaccinated, can travel to the Cook Islands, providing they can meet testing requirements and complete the travel declaration.
  • Every traveller must complete the Cook Islands Ministry of Health travel declaration within 96 hours before departure.

Learn more about quarantine-free travel between the Cook Islands and New Zealand. Check the Cook Islands Government travel restrictions for the latest information.



  • You must provide evidence of your vaccination status. Ensure that your vaccine certificate is intended for international travel
  • Please note that My Vaccine Pass is for use within New Zealand only. Please ensure you present the International Travel Vaccination Certificate for travel to the Cook Islands.



  • You must provide a negative result of a PCR COVID-19 test taken no more than 48 hours prior to departure, and show the negative result at departure and on arrival. No test is required on arrival in the Cook Islands.
  • A Rapid Antigen Test will be required before boarding a flight from Rarotonga to Aitutaki. A further test may be required on Aitutaki.
  • Please bring evidence of any pre-existing conditions when you check in, to avoid being denied boarding. Please also check the terms and conditions of your travel insurance with regards to being denied boarding due to COVID-19.

Check the Cook Islands Government health criteria for the latest information.



  • You must complete the Cook Islands contact information form within 96 hours of departure. Once submitted, you will receive a copy to the email you provided. You must present this receipt at check-in, in order to board your flight. 
  • You will need to complete documentation prior to travelling back to New Zealand. We recommend that you complete this Nau Mai Rā travel declaration before you leave New Zealand for the Cook Islands.


Passports and Visas

  • You will need a valid passport. If you usually need a visa to enter the Cook Islands, then you will need one to travel quarantine-free. New Zealand citizens do not need a visa to travel to the Cook Islands.
  • To make your travel as seamless as possible, please add all passengers' passport details to your booking.

Refer to Star Alliance Country Information or IATA passport and visa information  for the latest travel regulations.

When you're abroad

Contact Tracing

  • All travellers are required to use CookSafe and CookSafe+ which are the two official contact tracing systems in the Cook Islands.


  • Keep up to date with local travel alerts and stay informed of any disruptions which may affect your travel. The New Zealand Government recommends that New Zealanders travelling overseas register with SafeTravel to receive notification of any changes made to travel advice.

Check the Cook Islands Government travel restrictions, Cook Islands Travel Advisory, and the Cook Islands Ministry of Health status for the most up-to-date information. Check if your travel plans with Air New Zealand are impacted by major events on our Travel alerts page.

Before your return


  • If you plan to return to New Zealand, you will need to complete the online Nau Mai Rā: New Zealand Travel Declaration  prior to travelling back to New Zealand.
  • Cook Island Nationals and Permit Holders (including children) returning to the Cook Islands must also meet testing requirements and complete the travel declaration. Please ensure you meet all Cook Islands Government requirements for your return journey. 

Check the Cook Islands Government requirements for the latest information.

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