Touch of Gold - terms and conditions

Touch of Gold entitles certain members to a trial period of Gold tier Airpoints Membership.

1. To receive Touch of Gold benefits, members who have been accepted into the trial (Trial Members) must download the digital card through the Air NZ mobile app  and enter their Airpoints number into all eligible bookings.

2. Touch of Gold benefits will apply for Touch of Gold Members from the date of acceptance into the Touch of Gold promotion until 8 December 2021 (Trial Period) and will include lounge access, the opportunity to submit OneUp upgrades, complimentary frequent flyer seating, baggage privileges and priority travel benefits, as further detailed above.

3. Trial Members shall not be entitled to any other Airpoints Gold benefits not listed herein and will not receive an Airpoints membership card, bag tags or a welcome pack.

Review process

4. Trial Members who have earned 100 Status Points or more through eligible travel on Air New Zealand during the Trial Period will be eligible to receive Airpoints Gold status for the following eight months and will receive 2 Recognition Upgrades for their use during that eight month period. Information about Airpoints Gold benefits are set out here.

5. If the Trial Member does not earn a minimum of 100 Status Points through eligible travel on Air New Zealand during the Trial Period, the Trial Member will be downgraded to their original Airpoints tier with the associated benefits of the downgraded status. No new card or pack will be provided for the downgraded Member. If the Member is downgraded to Silver, they will commence 12 months at Silver status and undertake review as per the normal Airpoints Terms and Conditions

6. Air New Zealand may update these terms and conditions at any time, in their absolute discretion. Airpoints Terms and Conditions apply.