Tasman Online Price Promise

Whenever you purchase the lowest available trans-Tasman fare from airnewzealand.com.au, if later that same day you find the same Air New Zealand flight cheaper on another Australian website, tell us and we'll refund the difference.

Online Price Promise Terms and Conditions were last updated on 16 September 2014.

Book with confidence

  • Decide on your preferred flight and purchase the lowest available fare at airnewzealand.com.au
  • On the same day as your purchase, if you find another Australian website is selling the same Air New Zealand Flight Itinerary on the same product and fare type, for less than the fare you purchased, call 1800 00 55 63 to register your claim
  • Once we have verified the availability of the Lower Online Fare (defined below) and you’ve returned from your travel, we'll process your refund
  • Not only will you get the lowest trans-Tasman fare by booking at airnewzealand.com.au, you won't pay booking service fees

Terms and Conditions

This Online Price Promise applies to Air New Zealand fares purchased on Air New Zealand owned and operated websites for Eligible Flights ("Purchased Fare").

We will refund you the difference between the price of your Purchased Fare and the price of a Lower Online Fare (excluding the applicable taxes, levies and surcharges, regardless of whether they are included in the base fare or shown separately) ("Refund") if you make a valid claim and satisfy the requirements in these Terms and Conditions.

To make a claim

To make a valid claim you must:

  • Submit your claim to Air New Zealand by midnight (AEST or AEDT as applicable) on the same day that you booked and paid for your Purchased Fare (or within 3 hours if you booked and paid for your Purchased Fare after 9pm).
  • Submit your claim by contacting Air New Zealand on the following phone number:
    • Australia: 1800 00 55 63
  • Claims cannot be made by ringing any other Air New Zealand telephone number or by any other means.
Eligible Flights

Eligible Flights include:

  • Air New Zealand operated single or round trip flights:
    • between Australia and New Zealand
To Qualify for our Online Price Promise

To qualify for the Online Price Promise, your Purchased Fare must be the lowest fare that was available for purchase on our website for your chosen flight itinerary, at the time that you booked and paid for your Purchased Fare. Also, you must complete your travel in accordance with your Purchased Fare to qualify for a Refund.

In order for a fare to be a "Lower Online Fare", all of the requirements in the table below must be met.

Lower Online Fare

For the exact same flights as the Purchased Fare; including:

Same aircraft operator
Same flight dates
Same flight numbers
Same itinerary / routes
Same number of passengers in the booking
Same travel class
Same inclusions

Different flights, routes, itineraries, inclusions, travel class, or number of passengers, or different number of adults and children.

Fares for flights operated by other carriers.

Fares provided by opaque online agencies where carrier and itinerary details are not known until after purchase are excluded from the Online Price Promise.

Priced, quoted and capable of being charged in the same currency as your Air New Zealand Purchased Fare, without the use of a currency converter.

Prices quoted and or charged in other currencies.

A published online retail fare available to the general public.

Corporate, wholesaler, consolidator, group fares, student fares, or package fares, or fares restricted to members of certain websites or membership programmes.


The URL for the website that displays the Lower Online Fare must have the same URL Country Code ending (for the Top Level Domain) as the Air New Zealand website you used to book and pay for your Purchased Flight.

For example, if you used www.airnz.com.au, then the URL for the website displaying the Lower Online Fare must also end with "au".

If you booked and paid for your Purchased Fare on the www.airnz.com.au website, then the website displaying the Lower Online Fare must be based in and operated from Australia.

Fares published websites that have different URL Country Code Top Level Domain endings.


Capable of being confirmed, booked and paid for on the website displaying the Lower Online Fare.

Fares that are offered on websites that do not have the capability to confirm the booking and accept payment.


Made available for purchased by an online retailer that is an accredited and authorised distributor of Air New Zealand airfares.

Fares that are sold by retailers, agencies or persons who are not accredited and authorised distributors of Air New Zealand airfares.

Acceptance of claim
  • We will accept your claim if:
    • you have made a valid claim;
    • we have been able to verify the Lower Online Fare using reasonable means; and
    • you completed your travel in accordance with your Purchased Fare.
  • We will not accept your claim if you have made more than one claim in any one month or if you do not qualify to make a claim in accordance with these Terms and Conditions.
  • If we have accepted your claim, we will issue you with a Refund within 60 days after the date that you complete your Purchased Fare travel.
  • If you paid for your Purchased Fare using Airpoints Dollars, your Refund will be made in Airpoints Dollars.
  • A Refund is the sole and exclusive benefit that may be available to you pursuant to this Online Price Promise.
Variation and Termination

We may vary these Online Price Promise Terms and Conditions from time to time. We will notify you of changes by publishing an updated copy of these Terms and Conditions on our website. We will always specify the date of the last update.

We reserve the right to withdraw and terminate this Online Price Promise at any time. However, if we exercise this right, we will still process the valid claims that were lodged before the date of removal of the Online Price Promise from our website.