Special diets and food allergies

Our pre-order special meals cater for a wide range of dietary needs: infants and children, gluten intolerant, vegetarian, diabetic.

We offer a variety of pre-order special meals to cater for a wide range of dietary and cultural needs.

Pre-order special meals

Our special meals are available to anyone with an Air New Zealand international ticket, except Seat or Seat + Bag fares and on our NZ7000 series flights operated by Virgin Australia.

To request a special meal, just let us know when you book or at least 24 hours before your departure. The meal options depend on your flight and fare.

The following pre-order special meals are available on flights between New Zealand and Australia and Pacific Islands, including Honolulu, Bali, Perth and Papeete.

  • Gluten Intolerant meal (GFML) - for gluten intolerant but not gluten allergic customers
  • Vegetarian (VGML) - for vegans or pure vegetarians, strict vegetarian foods with no dairy or egg products
  • Diabetic meal (DBML) - low sugar, no added sugar, available for Economy fares to/from Bali, Honolulu and Papeete plus all Premium Economy fares

For Economy fares on Tasman or Pacific Island flights that connect with long haul flights, such as the first leg of Brisbane to Los Angeles via Auckland, see the previous section.

Gluten, low-fat, fruit only
  • Gluten intolerant (GFML) - for gluten intolerant but not gluten allergic customers
  • Low-fat (LFML) - for customers wishing to follow a fat restricted diet
  • Fruit platter (FPML) - a fruit only option
Vegetarian options
  • Lacto Ovo (VLML) - may contain egg and/or dairy products
  • Vegan (VGML) - with no dairy or egg products
  • Hindu (AVML) - spicy Indian style with limited use of dairy products
  • Oriental (VOML) - prepared Chinese style
  • Jan (VJML) - preared Indian style according to Jain customs
Religious customs
  • Hindu (HNML) - food prepared according to Hindu customs and respecting Hindu dietary practices and beliefs
  • Kosher (KSML) - foods chosen, prepared and served in accordance with Jewish dietary laws and customs; not guaranteed on flights from Apia, Nadi, Papeete, Rarotonga or Tonga; not guaranteed on flights if requested within 4 days of travel
  • Muslim (MOML) - foods chosen, prepared and served in accordance with Muslim dietary laws and customs; will not contain pork or pork products, gelatine, alcohol, shellfish or any other animal by-products; no Haram (forbidden) products will be used; meat other than pork may be included; meals prepared in Halal kitchens are only available on flights from Auckland, Christchurch, Hong Kong, Shanghai, Narita, London, Los Angeles, and Singapore

Meals for infants and children

See Flying with children.


If you can't find a suitable meal from the options we offer, you're welcome to bring your own food. Please ensure it doesn't require heating or refrigeration. Also remember to plan your meal around the security screening restrictions on liquids, pastes and gels.

Peanut, nut and other food allergies

We do not use peanuts, peanut products or derivatives of peanuts in our meals. However we cannot exclude trace elements of peanuts from the aircraft, as Air New Zealand's in-flight meals are prepared at over 20 kitchens globally.

Other nuts are used in our meals and served as a pre-dinner snack in Business class. Peanut snacks aren't served in any class. Unfortunately we cannot alter meals or snacks or remove them from flights.

As we cannot control what is brought on board or left behind by other passengers, we are unable to provide an allergen-free environment.

Allergy medication

If you have allergy concerns, we recommend you travel with prescribed medication and, if necessary, someone to help you take it in an emergency. Read about Air New Zealand's position on food allergies. Our cabin crew are not allowed to administer medication, however our international services carry a comprehensive physician's kit for use by any doctor on board. Further information around medical conditions and clearance to travel can be found on our Medical conditions page.