Phone and internet scams

Phone and internet scams are becoming increasingly common in the travel industry.

We strongly recommend that before you purchase any Air New Zealand airfares or holidays from a travel agent, online third party retailer or travel provider, you make sure that the retailer/travel provider is a legitimate trader who is authorised to sell Air New Zealand airfares or holidays. Internet scams can be sophisticated and websites can look genuine. Be wary of offers from an online or offline retailer that appear too good to be true.

Remember, bookings are not confirmed until we have received payment in full. If a third party retailer or travel provider has paid for your booking with a stolen credit card, payment for your booking may be dishonoured by your retailer/travel provider's credit card company, anytime up to 12 months after the transaction date.

Unfortunately, if your retailer/travel provider's payment is cancelled or dishonoured at any time, for any reason, we will seek payment from you.

With phone scams, customers may receive an automated phone call claiming to be from Air New Zealand. Generally, these involve a prize being offered that requires your credit card details. These calls are not from Air New Zealand and we advise customers to hang up immediately if you suspect you have received a phone call of this nature. If you have provided your details, please contact your financial institution immediately.

For more information on protecting yourself from internet scams visit Netsafe's or the Ministry of Consumer Affairs' Scamwatch website.