Frequent Flyer Additional Status Extension

Due to the ongoing impact of COVID-19, we will be providing support to our Airpoints™ Elite, Gold and Silver members with an additional 12-month status extension.

We recognise our valued Airpoints Members' travel for 2020 has been significantly impacted by COVID-19 travel restrictions. This has affected some of our Members' ability to meet the Status Points threshold to retain their membership.

To help protect the tier status that our Airpoints™ Elite, Gold and Silver Members held prior to the impact of COVID-19, we extended these Members status' with the Frequent Flyer 12-month Status Extension in March 2020.

With the ongoing travel restrictions in place due to COVID-19, we are further extending this protection for our Members.

Who is eligible for the Frequent Flyer Additional Status Extension?

All Members who have an earned Elite, Gold or Silver tier status as at 31 January 2021 (Eligible Members).

How will we do this?

Eligible Elite Members will receive one Elite Banked Year (or if a Member already has one or more Elite Banked Year(s) in their Airpoints account, one additional Elite Banked Year) on 31 January 2021. For more information on your Elite Banked Year.

Eligible Gold and Silver Members will be given an additional year at the tier status they hold on 31 January 2021 which will automatically be applied should they not retain their Gold or Silver tier status.

The Frequent Flyer Additional Status Extension for Gold and Silver Members must be used by 31 March 2023 and if not used by this date, will expire.

Frequent Flyer Benefits

All existing unused Recognition Upgrades, Elite Member Valet Parking eVouchers or Silver member Air New Zealand Lounge eVouchers will retain their original expiry date and Eligible Members will receive a new set of benefits (depending on their tier).  As is currently the case, these benefits will be valid for 12 months and electronically credited into the Member's Airpoints account at the start of their next membership year.  For hotel and rental car upgrade vouchers, no new vouchers will be issued and any current printed hotel or rental car upgrade vouchers will be honoured for the tier status extension period instead.

Please note that no new membership packs will be sent out for the Frequent Flyer Additional Status Extension.

No new Elite or Gold bag tags will be issued. Instead you can continue to use your existing Elite or Gold bag tags when travelling with us.

If a Member already has an unused Frequent Flyer Status Extension in their Airpoints account, this Frequent Flyer Additional Status Extension is in addition to that extension.

Membership cards

With this current change in process we will not be issuing any new Elite, Gold or Silver membership cards or packs. If you hold an active OneSmart™ account, please see below. Members will be required to use their digital Airpoints membership card, which is available in the Air NZ mobile app. This digital card will always display your next  expiry date. You can find this in the App as follows: click on the  Airpoints tab  located at the bottom of the phone screen, and then tap on the digital  Airpoints Travel card.

OneSmart cards

Members who have an active OneSmart account will receive a new card prior to the end of their OneSmart expiry date.

Airpoints partners

All of our New Zealand based Members who wish to swipe their current physical card or scan their digital card at our Airpoints partners are able to continue to do so, even once the physical card has expired. The digital card will be refreshed to display the new card expiry date.

Elite Partner cards

We will not be sending new Elite Partner cards to our members over this period.  We ask that all Elite Partners ensure they always include their Airpoints number in any Air New Zealand or qualifying partner flights when travelling to ensure they receive their Elite Partner travel benefits.

Recognition Upgrades

All unused Recognition Upgrades from the current membership year will retain their original expiry.

Eligible Members will receive new Recognition Upgrades at the start of their new membership year, as is the case today.

When will I see my Frequent Flyer Additional Status Extension?

For Eligible Elite Members, on 31 January 2021 you will see the addition of an Elite Banked Year in your Airpoints account.

For Eligible Gold and Silver Members, there is no action required and we will automatically apply the additional year if you do not retain your tier status.

How do I upgrade a tier?

Just as we do today, we will be reviewing our Members' accounts to see whether they have earned enough Status Points to move up a tier.

We will send a new card and pack to any Members who upgrade during this period.

What happens when I upgrade a tier?

When a Member upgrades to a higher tier status, their existing tier benefits expire and the Member will receive new benefits for the upgraded tier for a period of 12 months (unless they then move up an additional tier). The Frequent Flyer Additional Status Extension and, if applicable, the Frequent Flyer Tier Status Extension applied in March 2020 is not required for this Member and is removed from their account.