Flying with children

Find out about infant and child fares, bassinets and car seats, strollers and prams, children’s meals and activities. We try to make travelling with kids as easy as possible, and fun too.

Infant and child fares

Infant fares

An infant under the age of 2 years travels for free on domestic flights within New Zealand and pays 10% of the adult fare on international flights. In both cases the infant is not allocated a seat and must be held by an accompanying adult who is 15 years or older. Only one infant per adult is allowed to be held. On Air New Zealand operated flights a second infant can travel in a seat, paying the fare a child would pay on that flight, if you provide an approved car seat or CARES child restraint system.

Child fares

Child fares are for people aged 2 to 11 years inclusive. There are no child fares on NZ domestic or Tasman and Pacific flights. On our long haul flights, except for Business class, child fares are available at 75% of the adult fare. For children travelling by themselves refer to our Children travelling alone page.

Bassinets, car seats, strollers and prams


On international flights our Boeing 777-200, 777-300, and 787-9 aircraft may offer seats with bassinets that are:

  • Designed for infants up to 8 months old and 11.8kg (26lb)
  • Made up with sheets, a pillow and blankets
  • 73.66cm (29in) long and 34.29cm (13.5in) wide

If you’re booking online, just select a seat with a bassinet icon from the bassinet row. Not all seats in this row have bassinets, so please select carefully. You’ll be asked to confirm the infant will meet the age and weight limits when they fly. If it turns out they don’t, you may be asked to move and will not receive a refund on any seat select fee.

If you are travelling with an infant aged between 8 and 15 months who does not weigh more than 11.8kg (26lb), we may be able to allocate you a bassinet seat when you check in.

Car seats

This information is for flights operated by Air New Zealand only. For our codeshare and partner flights, including Air New Zealand 7000 fights operated by Virgin Australia, please check with the operating airline.

Forward or rear-facing car seats can be used to restrain children up to 7 years provided the seat is:

  • Designed for the child’s weight
  • Equipped with a built-in restraint system
  • Approved for use in a motor vehicle
  • In good, safe working condition
  • Not wider than 43cm (17in)
  • Not higher than 48cm (19in) for rear facing or 65cm (25.5in for forward facing)

It should also display one of these manufacturing standards marks.

Safety logos

Car seats can’t be used in:

  • The Premium Economy SpaceSeat™ on 777-300 aircraft
  • Business Premier lie-flat seats on all 777 aircraft

This is because the Business Premier lie-flat seats and Premium Economy SpaceSeats™ are sideways facing therefore the seatbelt has an airbag in it.

For safety reasons, child booster seats and/or booster cushions are not permitted as they are designed to be used with a diagonal seat belt rather than a lap belt.


Approved alternatives to using a car seat inflight are:

  • The CARES child restraint system. CARES has been approved for use on Air New Zealand flights by the New Zealand CAA (Civil Aviation Authority).

  • The MERU TravelChair. The TravelChair is a postural support chair that has an adjustable headrest, footrest and body harness for children with disabilities who may not be able to use a standard car seat or airline seat without additional support.

  • It is suitable for children from 3 – 11 years (depending on their size and weight), please note that there are some restrictions on how and where the MERU TravelChair can be used onboard, so please ensure you contact us prior to travel at +64 9 255 7757 (please note call charges apply).

Please note: the Business Premier lie-flat seats and Premium Economy SpaceSeats™ are sideways facing therefore the seatbelt has an airbag in it. This means infant car seats and the CARES restraint system and MERU TravelChair are not able to be used in the Premium Economy SpaceSeat on the B777-300 aircraft and Business Premier lie-flat seats on all B777 and 787 aircraft as it would impede the deployment of the airbag in the event of an emergency.

Strollers and prams

Infants and children can take a stroller and/or car seat for no extra charge in addition to any other allowances, even if their fare does not include checked baggage.

stroller overhead locker 160x182

Strollers like this with a completely collapsible frame and seat will normally fit in the overhead locker on our 777-300, 777-200, 787-9 and A320 Domestic aircraft only. On our other aircraft they must be checked in because there is limited locker space. If the flight you are travelling on is full, airport staff may request that your stroller is checked in.

stroller checked in 160x182

Prams, three-wheeled jogger-style buggies and larger strollers do not fit in the overhead locker and must be checked-in on all aircraft.

Use of non-aviation certified equipment

Air New Zealand policy prohibits onboard use of non-aviation certified products such as the Fly-Tot, JETKIDS Bedbox and LegsUp products on any Air New Zealand aircraft, due safety concerns and/or potential reliability issues with Air New Zealand product or furnishings.

Meals and activities packs

Feeding your infant

  • You are welcome to bring your own baby food and feeding equipment on board
  • On international flights, our cabin crew are happy to prepare, heat and wash bottles whenever needed, but they don’t have a way to sterilise them
  • For long haul flights, but not Tasman and Pacific flights, you can request a special infant meal when you book

Children’s meals

Meals suitable for children 2 years and older are available on:

  • All long haul flights
  • Tasman and Pacific flights when you select The Works, Works Deluxe, Premium Economy or Business Premier products

(Children’s meals are not available on NZ7000 series flights operated by Virgin Australia and no meals are served on our domestic flights within New Zealand.)

Just select the child’s meal option when you book or at least 24 hours before your departure through our contact centre or your travel agent. If you don’t choose this option, an adult meal will be provided instead.

A selection of the following items will be offered for children’s meals:

  • Main meal: Pan-fried chicken thigh with creamed potato mash, peas and carrots; or spaghetti and meatballs
  • Breakfast: Chicken sausage, scrambled eggs, baked beans, fruit salad, cereal and juice
  • Snacks: Chocolate brownie, fruit drink, bread roll, margarine

We can also cater for children with special dietary needs on long haul flights, including flights to and from Noumea and Papeete. See special diets and allergies.

Where possible, the cabin crew serve children's meals before serving adults, so you can feed your child before relaxing and enjoying your own meal.

Kids’ activities packs

When you book an international flight and order a children’s meal we include a fun kid’s pack.

Travelling with groups or someone else’s child

Groups of children

To ensure the safety and wellbeing of children travelling together, we strongly recommend you travel with one adult for every five children.

Someone else’s children

If you’re travelling with someone under 18 years of age who is not your child, border authorities recommend you carry:

  • A consent document or letter signed by the child’s parent or lawful guardian
  • A copy of the child’s birth certificate

Important information for travel from a French Territory

Any passenger under 18 years old, that resides in a French Territory (excluding Noumea), must obtain authorisation to leave the country (known as an AST) for any journey outside a French Territory (excluding Noumea) without a parent or legal guardian.

They must be in possession of:

  • Their individual passport (with a visa, if applicable)
  • The permit to travel form ("l'autorisation de sortie du territoire" in French) signed by a parent or legal guardian
  • A photocopy of a valid identity document of the parent or legal guardian who provided his or he signature for the permit to travel form

Travelling in a different cabin

On Air New Zealand operated flights, except NZ001 London to Auckland and NZ002 Auckland to London, you can travel in a different class to your children on the same flight provided they:

  • Are at least five years old
  • Pay the adult fare for their seat
  • Are collected and cared for by you during any transit or stopover between flights

For flights with other airlines, including our codeshare and partner flights, please contact the operating airline.