To help us achieve this goal we offer our customers the option to make an active contribution to environmental sustainability, via our Carbon Offset Programme, with all contributions going directly to purchase TrustPower wind farm credits in New Zealand.

Customers also have the option of making a donation to the Air New Zealand Environment Trust, which is committed to supporting projects that enhance New Zealand's clean, green reputation around the world.

The first project of the Trust is a conservation programme involving more than 100 acres on Mangarara Station in Hawke's Bay and will include a native reforestation project and pastoral tree planting. An holistic approach to soil management will also form part of the project.

A key part of the initiative is that the public will have access to the historic Hawke's Bay farming station to see the project as it develops from 2010.

This is just a start. We will continue to keep you informed as we move through a programme of constant environmental performance.